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100 Perfect Caiman Hides

Unlike the 80 Perfect Caiman Hide Quest, you do not have to have Chomper killed for the Baniti's Son Quest before you start this Quest. Perfect Caiman Hides are No-Drop items so you will either have to pick them up from the corpse, or belong to a party for auto-loot. Regular auto-loot from VIP will not allow you to auto-loot the hides. Sometimes a hide will be stuck in a corpse if you kill it on the edge of the water, there's nothing you can do about it. Remember you do not need to have the quest started to be able to collect Perfect Caiman Hides. Be sure to hold onto Large Caiman Hearts, they are used for the Dragon Quest.

  • Location: Rahura
  • Reward: Caiman Hide Boots
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel to Rahura and speak with Fatal. She is located in the Provision Shop.
  • Part 2: Kill Large River Caimans to obtain Perfect Caiman Hides. You can find Large River Caimans East of town along the river. Return to Fatal when you have finished and drop the hides on her for your reward. Receive Caiman Hide Boots

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