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60 Caiman Hides

This quest is much easier than the Perfect Caiman Hide Quests. The hides are not No-Drop, but there is a number count on the Quest so you cannot buy them from another player. Hold on to any Perfect Caiman Hides you obtain as they are used for 3 other Quests.

  • Location: Rahura
  • Reward: Boots of Hafla
  • Difficulty: Easy

  • Part 1: Travel to Rahura and speak with Hafla. He is located near the blue monument on the North side of town.
  • Part 2: Kill River Caimans to obtain Caiman Hides. They are located along the river traveling away from town. Alternatively they are located near a swamp South of Khafla. Return to Hafla when you have finished to get your reward. Receive Boots of Hafla.

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