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Baniti's Son

You must have this Quest completed to start the 80 Perfect Caiman Hide Quest. Grab help from another player to kill Chomper if you are low lvl.

  • Location: Khafra
  • Reward: Tears of Baniti (necklace)
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel to Khafra and speak with Baniti. He is located near the bank.
  • Part 2: Find Kilbari's Corpse. It is located South of town by the small swamp. Click on it to get a Quest Update. Return to Baniti when you have Finished.
  • Part 3: Kill River Caimans until Kilbari's Necklace drops in your backpack. River Caimans are by the swamp South of town. Alternatively you can go to Rahura and head North from the Portal to the river.
  • Part 4: Travel to the crypt to find Kilbari's Sarcophagus. The crypt is located South East of town near the coast. To find the Sarcophagus: Head South from the ladder and take the first right and then the first down and stay on this path all the way to the end, staying on this straight but winding path will lead you to Kilbari's Sarcophagus. Watch out for traps! Click on the Sarcophagus and select the Necklace, there will be a lightning strike. Return to Baniti when you have finished for your reward. Receive Tears of Baniti.
  • Part 5: Kill Chomper, the Caiman boss. He is located far South of Khafra by the swamp. He is trigger spawn so kill the Large Caimans. There should be 7 Large Caimans that spawn, 1 is a place holder. Return to Baniti when you are finished.

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