Tof exp Tide's of Fate Quests

Find Informer

Most of this Quest is running about. You may want to find help for the last part.

  • Location: Newtown
  • Reward: Ring of Bells
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

  • Part 1: Travel to Newtown and Syldure. He is located in the Provision Shop. Choose "Money is no object".
  • Part 2: Travel to Hothbra and speak to Brother Temos. He is located outside the Provision Shop. If you cannot find him there then try Lotor's Castle.
  • Part 3: Travel to Varg and speak with Cook Gammond. He is located in the Inn. Choose "I hate to pry, but where do you get your fish?".
  • Part 4: Return to Syldure in Newtown.
  • Part 5: Travel to Roycroft and speak with Copperbeard. He is located South of town near the dock.
  • Part 6: Kill 50 Guardians. They are located far North above Newtown near their mines.
  • Part 7: Return to Copperbeard in Roycroft.
  • Part 8: Return to Syldure in Newtown for your reward. Receive Ring of Bells.

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