Missing Courier Quest

This Quest can be found with a random NPC in one of the following Towns: Arda, Dawat, Ethera Palace, or East Parian

You will be told a Courier has gone missing, and he was carring an important missive for King Lotor himself. The Courier was last seen at one of the following locations: Orc Pond, Lake Dresta, Lake Kallon, Sogrun Mines, or Vorda Swamp

You will need to travel to the location given, and search for a dead body. At the pond, a lake, or the swamp, the body will be somewhere around the edge; inside the mines will be harder to find. When you have retrieved your quest item, you will return it to the original NPC, recieve 4500xp and a Mage item, either a Grimoire, a Wizard Hat, or Mage Blade or Wand. You will also be given the option to take the note to Lotor's Castle and give it to another NPC who is mentioned at this point.

Travel to Lotor's Castle, find your NPC and give him the missive. You will earn an additional 7500xp for a total of 12K, this is one of the best dynamic quests available.

It is wise to set your spawn in Arda, or wherever you are coming from, at Lotors, you can put any equipment you have in bank, head outside to the Ettins, and be transported back to your origin quickly.

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