Murder Investigation Quest

This quest is one with a higher reward than most, but it has 3 parts to it.

Part 1
From the npc who gives you the quest you will find out someone has been accused of murder, and you are asked if you will go and interrogate the suspect. When you find the suspect they will tell you they were dining with a friend and that they couldnt have murdered anyone. They advise you to go and find the friend to verify their alibi. You receive 1000 experience pool points for part 1 of this quest.

Part 2
Once you find the friend he tells you that they were having dinner with the accused and that they couldn't have done the crime. You receive 1000 experience pool points for part 2 of the quest.

Part 3

Finally you must confront the person who made the murder accusation and you find out it was a set up. The guards rush in and send him to jail. You receive one final sum of 3500 experience pool points and 500 gold for your trouble.

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